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Safety and remote controls

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Safety and remote controls

Industrial sectional doors are designed for industrial buildings, warehouses, production workshops, transport terminals and a variety of industrial premises, where they have to meet stricter requirements if compared with garage sectional doors. Enhanced durability guaranteed by sturdy door construction makes them not only functional but also able to withstand the daily operations in the toughest industrial environments. A perimeter sealing system provides premium thermal efficiency, maintaining the required temperature regime which is an important feature for almost any industrial facility. The door leaf is balanced with a torsion spring mechanism fitted with a QuickFix system which significantly reduces installation time.

Industrial sectional doors ISD series can be supplied with pass doors to ensure an additional entrance to the building without having to open the entire door. Double sealing system provides the door with great thermal insulation properties, retaining warmth in winter and cold in summer. The pass door is equipped with a built-in closer, open pass door sensors and retainer. Standard frame galvanized steel or aluminum.


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Application: used to control barriers, automated doors, electric locks etc.; it can also be used as an external keypad or as a proxy card reader.

Advantages: built-in siren; the ability to record up to 2,000 users (supports cards, PIN-codes, cards with PIN-codes); low power consumption; high speed.

Installation: easy to install, easy and intuitive programming.

Design: impact-resistant body made of zinc alloy with electrolytic coating; backlit keys.


Application: designed to control operators for industrial sectional doors.

Advantages: possibility to promptly stop the door at any position by pressing «Stop» (for Button3); possibility to lock the keys to prevent unauthorized control of the operator (for Button2K).

Installation: easy connection.

Design: special construction and large size buttons for maximum pressing precision.



Application: used to send a control command to an automatic control system by turning the key.

Advantages: provides protection against unauthorized control of the operator; sealed body (IP54) allows you to install the key-switch outdoors.

Installation: key button <> is designed to control sectional doors or barriers; button SWM is designed to control operators.

Design: robust body in a metallic color.


Applications: remote control Transmitter-2 is designed to remotely control two devices; Transmitter-4 and Transmitter Premium is able to control four devices.

Advantages: the dynamic code technology (16 million combinations), prevents any interception of the signal.

Installation: </beasy connection and easy setup.

Design: ergonomic design; robust metal body (Transmitter Premium); there is a hole to attach the remote control to your keys.



Application: designed to remotely control a sectional door operator equipped with a DoorHan built-in receiver or external receiver.

Advantages: the ability to record a 4 to8 digit access code; light and sound indication; it can also allow you to simultaneously control two operators.

Installation: thanks to a sealed body (IP54) the keypad can be installed outdoors.

Design: the compact body is made of a black, impact-resistant plastic; the keypad buttons illuminate when pressed.


Application: installed in the openings of all types of automatic doors and barriers for maximum safety during operation.

Advantages: the ability to use photocells as a control device due to the normally open contacts.

Installation: the 7° angle beam spreads at a distance of 20 m, which eliminates the need for precise positioning of the receiver relative to the transmitter (Photocell-N); there is the possibility of mounting on uneven and asymmetrical openings by using the receiver / transmitter control board rotating mechanism. This allows you to adjust its position relative to the mating (Photocell-R); is powered by batteries, allowing you to install the photocells without wiring (Photocell-W).

Design: modern ergonomic design.



Application: this is used as a warning signal on the door leaf or boom movement as they open or close.

Advantages: LEDs significantly reduce the power consumption and increase its lifespan (Lamp-LED); built-in antenna greatly increases the range of signal reception from the receiver; light bulbs are clearly visible even on a sunny day.

Installation: universal supply voltage (12/24/220 V) allows the use of these lamps with any type of automation.

Design: modern design.

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    Jeff McKenna

    Gulf Harbour


    Team has provided fantastic job they have finished my garage door upgrade in around few hours, I was extremely surprised by the level of professionalism. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

    Terry D.



    Absolutely delighted with our new garage door. I cannot recommend the Garage Door Centre enough. Fantastic friendly and helpful service with an excellent end product. Thank you.

    Duc Duy N.



    I've got 2 single doors installed just before Xmas. Happy with everything. Smoothly and quietly run, looking quite nice with insulation. Cheers guys, will come back for the new gates for nana' place as well

    John W.



    Whole process from initial enquiry to fitting new sliding gate opener very professional. On top of it new photo elements installed for my kids safety. Highly recommended to neighbors and friends.


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