Application: barriers are installed in areas with restricted and controled entry of vehicles.

Advantages: Barriers N are reliable, have a long service life and are adaptated to different operating conditions; the fan inside the body prevents overheating of the motor, allowing the barrier to operate with an intensity of up to 70%.

Installation: the installation does not take up much time; all the electrical connections and mechanical adjustments have been already made at the factory; it is only necessary to fix the body, install the boom, the boom support and connect it to the power.

Design: vandal-proof steel body; built-in lamp; boom with reflective stripes.

Barriers are intended for vehicle access control; capable of spanning openings of up to 6 meters.

Vandal-proof steel body provides protection against forced opening; along with its reinforced elements, DoorHan barriers ensure a constant operation during extreme weather conditions.

Lightweight and durable aluminum boom is equipped with light-reflecting tape and rubber pads.

Release mechanism ensures a manual operation of the barriers during power failures and emergency.