DoorHan Insulated Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the standard garage door size?

There are many different standard sizes, and many doors can be made to fit your individual garage opening.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to doors, as all houses are different. So if you are not sure on which size door will suit your opening, ask one of our garage door specialists for help.

What if my garage entry floor is not leveled?

Our dedicated surveyor will assess whether your ground is level enough for your new garage door to work properly; if it is not level, there is a possibility that you will need to have this remedied before we can install a door. However, there are some options that we can work on to overcome some irregularities of ground such us additional profile or different type of weather seal.

What are my options if I cannot fit a vehicle into the garage because the door opening is too small?

There is will be no problems with DoorHan doors as opening always same size as aperture of a door

My garage door is very heavy to open, can I buy a electric operator with remote control to help?

The best solution for this is find a problem as normal conditions for all doors work smooth and easy to lift.

How to do measure for a DoorHan Insulated Sectional Garage Door?

We have special forms with simple instruction to help you to do measurements. You can find this form and additional information on our download </a href> page

What colour options can I get?

We have some standard type and colour we keep in stock in addition we can provide any colour as we have our own facility for professional paint