PVC Swing Doors of SSD Series

DoorHan PVC Seing doors are a remarkable flexible swing door suitable for a wide variety of Retail, Commercial and Industrial high pedestrian traffic environments.

Typical applications including supermarkets, retail outlets, warehousing, food manufacture, pharmaceutical manufacture, temperature controlled environments and clean rooms are perfect for our Crash Door with its hardwearing, robust and reliable performance – made to work harder for you and your business

DSHINF Inflatable Dock Shelter

DSHINF inflatable dock shelters are used at the loading docks of warehouses and food manufacturing plants equipped with freezing rooms where keeping strict control of temperature at the desired level is crucial. During loading/unloading operations a trailer partially backs into the dock shelter while top and side air bags inflate around the top and sides of the truck body providing tight sealing. When not in use, the air bags deflate. This dock shelter can be controlled from a dock leveler control unit having special function of shelter operation control. It’s highly recommended to install wheel guides and shock columns in front of the loading dock when using this type of shelter. The shelter is mounted using the suspended method of installation.

DLHH Electrohydraulic Dock Leveler with Hinged Lip

Electrohydraulic dock leveler with hinged lip of DLHH series is an optimal solution for warehouses and logistics facilities where it’s necessary to provide fast and secure loading and unloading at the dock. When activated, the leveler lifts and the lip opens turning into a horizontal position. Then the platform lowers until it reaches the vehicle load bed. Once all work is completed the leveler lifts, the lip lowers and the platform returns to its original stored position. Both embedded and suspended installation of the leveler are possible.

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors for Freezer Rooms of SpeedRoll SDC Series

High speed roll up door are designed to resist to the wind’s force, and this peculiarity made it suitable for external use to avoid damages or troubles of the working trials on the inside of the industry caused by wind or others bad weather conditions.
The high speed of opening and closing of the roll-up high speed door allows the optimisation of business’ trials and the reduction of heat loss whith consequent energetic saving ensuring the amortisation of costs during years.

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