Industrial Sectional Doors

ISD01 industrial sectional doors are designed for industrial buildings, warehouses, production workshops, transport terminals and a variety of industrial premises, where they have to meet stricter requirements if compared with garage sectional doors. Enhanced durability guaranteed by sturdy door construction makes them not only functional but also able to withstand the daily operations in the toughest industrial environments. A perimeter sealing system provides premium thermal efficiency, maintaining the required temperature regime which is an important feature for almost any industrial facility. The door leaf is balanced with a torsion spring mechanism fitted with a QuickFix system which significantly reduces installation time.


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Industrial Sectional door construction – standard lift

  1. Coupler
  2. Torsion spring
  3. Spring safety device
  4. Drum
  5. End support bracket
  6. Top aluminum profile with top weather seal
  7. Horizontal track
  8. C-profile
  9. Spring bumper
  10. Vertical angle
  11. Vertical track
  12. Bottom aluminum profile with bottom weather seal
  13. Bracket for shaft operator
  14. Shaft operator
  15. Side weather seal
  16. Top support
  17. Hinges
  18. Panel
  19. Side support
  20. Footstep handle
  21. Cable break safety device


 Thermal break barrier
Front and back steel sheets are not connected to each other, as a result heat or cold transmission is minimized. Ideal in cold storage application.

Bottom weather seal fitted on the bottom aluminum profile (the embedded profile for door width up to 4 750 mm).

Effective side seals fitted on the vertical mounting angles of the door ensure a tight overlap of both sides of the door panel. In conjunction with the top and  bottom seals they form a perfect perimeter sealing protecting against drafts, wind and rain water. The perimeter sealing has effective noise reduction  properties.

Top weather seal fitted on the top aluminium profile.

Insulated Garage Door DoorHan

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