Residential sectional doors RSD02 Series are intended to be installed on small or medium openings (width from 2000 to 6000 mm, height from 2020 to 3070 mm) with an intense exploitation. 
Production: based on individual door sizes.
Advantages: the variety of lift types allows you to mount the doors in garages with any inner space geometry; possibility to install pass doors.
Spring mechanism: torsion springs designed for 25 000 cycles.
Design: combination of design and colors based on the actual DoorHan offer.


INDUSTRIAL SCALE: ISD01 Series are designed specifically for large openings of industrial facilities.
HIGH INSULATION: Industrial doors ISD01 are used for thermal insulation of premises with high intensity use.
AN OPTIMAL SOLUTION: DoorHan doors are an optimal solution for any objects, due to their high performance.
AN ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Despite the fact that this series is designed for industrial use, it has a wide selection of design.
SAFETY: The multilevel safety system includes spring break and cable break devices, which protects the door leaf against accidental fall.
RELIABILITY: Reinforced components provide increased construction reliability during door operation.


Electrohydraulic dock levelers with hinged lip of DLHHI series are an optimal solution, which provide the pick-and-place operation and ensure fast loading and unloading. When activated, the leveler is lifted and the lip opens while turning. Next, the platform is lowered until it reaches the floor of the vehicle body. The system is ready for operation. After the work is completed the leveler is lifted, the lip lowers and takes a vertical position, then the platform is returned its original position. Installation can be carried out by both, embedded and suspended installing methods.
The mechanical dock leveler "Mini" series MDLM do not require power supply, it can be used in cases where there is no electricity and there is no possibility to install an electrohydraulic dock leveler.


inflatable dock shelters of DSHINF series, are installed in places where it is required a maximum effective sealing and thermal insulation of the premises (for example, at warehouses with controlled temperature). During loading and unloading operations the vehicle is not pressed against the dock, as other analogs. The inflatable cushion wrap the vehicle body from all sides and ensures a better sealing. The air bags are made of wear resistant material “Cordura” which is high tear resistant. 
Dock Shelter with collapsible aluminum frame of D.SH-RT series, is a classic option for use in areas with average traffic intensity. PVC material of which the front sheets are made, possesses elasticity, is wear resistant and high tear resistant. During the loading and unloading operations, the top and vertical side sheets fit the vehicle body providing the necessary tightness.


Application: universal — indoor openings in industrial, storage, and commercial facilities. 
Advantages: Door curtains are made without any rigid pieces, making them safe for use by equipment and staff. Our unique doors provide high traffic through-put capacity while minimizing heat losses. 
Design: DoorHan High-Speed Roll-Up Door curtain are made from durable polyester (900 g/m2) with embedded vision panels to provide a view of areas on the opposite side of the doors. Door side frames and tracks are made from galvanized steel, or can be custom-ordered in stainless steel and painted various RAL colours. Modular construction allows easy interchange of door parts. 


Application: barriers are installed in areas with restricted and controled entry of vehicles.
Advantages: Barriers N are reliable, have a long service life and are adaptated to different operating conditions; the fan inside the body prevents overheating of the motor, allowing the barrier to operate with an intensity of up to 70%.
Installation: the installation does not take up much time; all the electrical connections and mechanical adjustments have been already made at the factory; it is only necessary to fix the body, install the boom, the boom support and connect it to the power.
Design: vandal-proof steel body; built-in lamp; boom with reflective stripes.


Operators for
Residential sectional doors,
Industrial sectional doors,
Swing gates,
Sliding gates,