Safety and Remotes


Application: used to control — barriers, automated doors, electric locks etc.; it can also be used as an external keypad or as a proxy card reader.

Advantages: built-in siren; the ability to record up to 2,000 users (supports cards, PIN-codes, cards with PIN-codes); low power consumption; high speed.

Installation: easy to install, easy and intuitive programming.

Design: уimpact-resistant body made of zinc alloy with electrolytic coating; backlit keys.

Application: designed to control operators for industrial sectional doors.

Advantages: possibility to promptly stop the door at any position by pressing «Stop» (for Button3); possibility to lock the keys to prevent unauthorized control of the operator (for Button2K).

Installation: easy connection.

Design: special construction and large size buttons for maximum pressing precision.


Application: used to send a control command to an automatic control system by turning the key.

Advantages: provides protection against unauthorized control of the operator; sealed body (IP54) allows you to install the key-switch outdoor.

Installation: key button Keyswitch N is designed to control sectional doors or barriers; button SWM – designed to control operators.

Design: robust body in color “metallic”.

Applications: remote control Transmitter-2 is designed to remote control two devices; Transmitter-4 and Transmitter Premium — to control four devices. “Transmitter-4” and “Transmitter Premium” are designed for control of four devices.

Advantages: the technology of dynamic code (16 million combinations) prevents the interception of the signal.

Installation: easy connection and easy setup.

Design: ergonomic design; robust metal body (Transmitter Premium); a hole to attach the remote control to the keys. .


Application: designed to remote control a sectional door operator equipped with a DoorHan built-in receiver or external receiver.

Advantages: the ability to record a 4-8 digit access code; light and sound indication; it allows you to simultaneously control two operators.

Installation: thanks to a sealed body (IP54) the keypad can be installed outdoor.

Design: compact body made of impact-resistant plastic in black color; the keypad buttons are lightened when pressed.

Application: installed in openings of all types of automatic doors and barriers for maximum safety during operation.

Advantages: normally open contacts provide the ability to use photocells as a control device.

Installation: the 7° angle beam, spreads at a distance of 20 m which eliminates the need for precise positioning of the receiver relative to the transmitter (Photocell-N); the possibility of mounting on uneven and asymmetrical openings using receiver / transmitter control board rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust its position relative to the mating (Photocell-R); powered by batteries, allows you to install the photocells without wiring (Photocell-W).

Design: modern ergonomic design.


Application: warns on the door leaf or boom movement during their opening/closing.

Advantages: LED elements significantly reduces the power consumption and increases its lifespan (Lamp-LED); built-in antenna greatly increases the range of signal reception by the receiver; light bulbs are clearly visible even on a sunny day.

Installation: universal supply voltage (12/24/220 V) allows to use these lamps with any type of automation.

Design: modern design.