Application: operator Sliding-1300 for residential and industrial sliding gates weighing up to 1300 kg; operator Sliding-2100 — for gates weighing up to 2100 kg.

Advantages: high protection class (IP54) excludes the ingress of moisture and dust into the control unit; the control board has an integrated receiver for remote control (recording of up to 60 consoles).

Installation: the operator is securely attached to the mounting base in four points, conveniently located on both sides of the operator, which makes the installation easy.

Design: the upper part of the body is made of impact-resistant ABS-plastic, and the bottom part is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is powder-painted.

Sliding – 1300 (sliding gate opener DoorHan)

1. Buitl-in receiver
2. Gear motor
3. Gear wheel Z16
4. Non-contact limit switches
5. Gear body
6. Fasteners
  • The bottom part of the operator is made of high strength aluminum alloy, coated using powder method, which creates a durable and environmental friendly finish.
  • During the production of the operator a special attention was paid to the quality of the gear. The gear is made of high-quality steel and has a high wear resistance. The safety margin of the gear is designed for the entire operation cycle.
  • The control board located at the top of the operator greatly simplifies the process of programming and effectively protects it from dust and moisture.
  • Sliding operators are equipped with non-contact magnetic limit switches, which eliminates any contact with the door leaf, preventing possible mechanical damages. Magnets are protected by a decorative cover.
  • The control board advantage is the ease of programming. All terminals on the board are signed and have different colors for easy connection.

DoorHan sliding gate opener intended for industrial use, are designed using the «oil bath» technology.

These technology provides the following:

  • Low noise level
  • The absence of vibrations
  • High intensity rate (70%)
  • Stable operation during low temperatures