Application: lever operator ARM-320 for swing gates with leaf weight up to 400 kg.

Advantages: self-locking gear ensures gate locking in extreme positions and eliminates the need to install additional locks; the motor is protected against overheating; the special design of the lever eliminates the “scissors” type pich points.

Installation: the operator can be installed on the left or on the right side of the gate to open outwards or inwards the fenced area.

Design: the body is made of impact-resistant ABS-plastic with high electrical insulating properties; elegant compact body gives the operator an aesthetic appearance.

DoorHan Arm-320


Application: linear operator Swing-3000 for swing gates with leaf weight up to 400 kg and width up to 3 m; operator Swing-5000 — for gates with leaf weight up to 500 kg and width up to 5 m.

Advantages: the lead screw of high strength steel has improved kinematic characteristics; telescopic lever system; smooth ride and low noise operation.

Installation: the installation of the operator is made using bolted joints; there is no need of welding, which greatly simplifies the installation process; the kit includes all necessary mounting brackets and fastening screws.

Design: the operator is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and protected from any kind of negative environmental effects.

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