All automatics DoorHan different impeccable performance and advanced functionalities. It is made on the modern equipment with use of hi-tech materials. Each of the elements of automation systems is individually tested on several parameters, which guarantees 100 % quality control of products. DoorHan automation can be used both in residential and industrial facilities. All drives operators smoothly in a wide range of temperatures, as well as reliability, safety, ease of installation and maintenance.

Ergonomic design

The operator doesn’t take too much space and has a modern appearance.

Connection convenience

Operator body especially designed for maximum convenience of installation.

Top quality materials

We use high strength plastic and superior quality of aluminium.

Energy saving

Minimum energy consumption, due to the built-in LED lamp, which is more durable and a longer service life.


Barriers have a longer service life, due to the application of limit switches.

Long service life

Smooth start and stop feature, ensures a minimum load on system components.

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