Wind load 
Acoustic insulation 
Necessary lifting force 
Door sheet weight 

1,13 m²·°С/W
2 class (EN12424:2000)
4 class (EN12426:2000)
3 class (EN12425:2000)
<35 dB
 to 22.5 kg
11,2 kg/m²

Sandwich panel is made from two sheets of galvanized steel, filled with high quality thermal insulator - foamed polyurethane, which reduces the heat loss and prolongs service life of the door. The front and back steel sheets are not connected, eliminating cold bridge effect, which ensures heat insulation and prevents from freezing. in joint is polyurethane isolated by durable and waterproof Energoflex

Residential sectional doors RSD02 Series are intended to be installed on small or medium openings (width from 2000 to 6000 mm, height from 2020 to 3070 mm) with an intense exploitation
Production: based on individual door sizes.
Advantages: the variety of lift types allows you to mount the doors in garages with any inner space geometry; possibility to install pass doors
Spring mechanism: torsion springs designed for 25 000 cycles
Design: combination of design and colors based on the actual DoorHan offer.

1. Coupler 
2. Torsion spring 
3. Spring safety device 
4. End support bracket 
5. Top aluminium profile with top weather seal 
6. Horizontal track 
7. C-profile 
8. Vertical angle

9. Vertical track 
10. Bottom aluminium profile with bottom

       weather seal 
11. Drum 
12. Top support 
13. Side support 
14. Hinges 
15. Panel 
16. Bottom corner bracket 
17. Handle

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